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Mike's Platform

Police Car Lights

Reduce Crime

          In the last couple of years our Police and First Responders have been under attack. This has led to an increase of crime across the country, especially violent crime. The communities that have been negatively impacted the most are our minority communities. Defunding and attacking our police are not the answer. What we should be doing is to improve training, increase funding for specialized training units, and look for ways to assist police in not just enforcing laws, but helping and educating our community. My experience in law enforcement as well as the addiction and mental health field give me unique qualifications that very few people have. I will work very hard to make our police and first responders the best in the nation.


Improve the Economy

          The pandemic has been devastating in so many ways, not the least of which has been to our economy. It appears our government has done everything in its power to make our economic recovery more difficult. I will do everything in my power to ensure that Virginians have every opportunity to thrive in an economy that is as free as possible from government interference. We must find ways to reduce taxes and promote economic growth so that every Virginian can enjoy economic growth and prosperity. Virginia must attract and retain as much business as possible so that we can drive opportunities that will help us realize our economic potential. We must never again allow our government to overstep its authority by closing businesses and creating hardships on citizens who are already suffering.

Empty Classroom

Educate not Indoctrinate

          Education has become a major issue in the last couple of years and is now one of my top priorities. The United States is continuing to fall behind in producing the top technical minds in the world, and this is due to losing our focus on what our public education should be doing in the first place. Our schools should not be used for political indoctrination. Our schools should be the places where our students are learning the foundations that will make them competitive in a global marketplace. Our homes, churches, community groups, and social networks are where our students learn the values of their families and communities. We cannot tolerate a public education system that is producing students that are lacking the fundamentals that will enable them to succeed.

Judge's Gavel on Books

Protect the 2nd Amendment

          Americans have the right to bear arms, this is enshrined in our constitution. I will protect this freedom knowing that those who hurt others should be punished and not law-abiding Virginians. I have long recognized that those who commit crimes with weapons are usually those who have had untreated or ignored psychiatric issues. In Virginia, we already have laws in place designed to prevent felons and people with diagnosed mental illness from purchasing weapons. Creating more laws is not the answer. I will work very hard to ensure that our current laws are enforced, and work just as hard to expand care for those struggling with mental health issues. We must also support our law enforcement officers as they strive to prevent those who should not possess weapons from doing so.

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